・Feburary 2, 2017

Sankei Newspaper (Morning Edition: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga)

Introductory article of the Chamber Music Concert ~The JOY of SONATA~, picked as the “recommended event”


・October 17, 2016

Sankei Newspaper (Evening Edition: Osaka)

“My 24 hours~Pianist, Emiko Sato”

English Translation: “Emiko returned to Japan after 14 years of studying in the U.S., conquering her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in February 2015. She continues to perform while teaching music in Osaka. Very soon after her arrival in the states, the 911 tragedies of September 2001 occurred. This led to her evacuation from the dormitory, which was located near the World Trade Center, resulting in a temporary loss of living quarters. It was a very shocking experience, but her passion for studying piano helped her to overcome this experience. There was no other option. After 911, the world became quite chaotic. But in New York, she met and became friends with inspiring musicians, some of whom were from areas notorious for conflict, like Syria and others. By sharing music with them, she realized first hand that music has the power to connect different races and religions. In Japan, she continues playing music and is especially engaged in sharing live music and acoustic sounds with the audience, believing in the hope that music can bring to life…”


・Februray 5, 2016

Sankei Newspaper (Morning Edition: Osaka)

Introductory article of the Piano Recital, The Romantic Evening by Emiko Sato




神戸布引ハーブ園、室内楽コンサート『ソナタの愉しみ』〜The JOY of SONTAの紹介記事




【24hours ~私のタイムスケジュール】