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“To a romantic, a cloudy sky is more than a natural phenomenon; it is an expression of …… ” 

(From the liner notes of the Romantic Moment)


Emiko ’s debut album, Romantic Moment, features works by composer-pianists of the 19th-20th century who crystallized their irreconcilable feelings of joy, anger, regret, and despair through music. Emiko retraces their longing and hope through the alluring sound of a Steinway piano. 


The artwork of the jacket was created by German painter Sonja Kanno. The painting, Zeitgeist (2019), was inspired by the soundscape of the album. The music and the art share the concept of the passage of time, humanization of natural phenomena, and the Japanese concept of En [縁: connection, bonds, destiny], which creates a connection between the end and the beginning like a loop. 


The recording, by director & co-producer Kohei Seguchi who extensively works both in Europe and Japan with many distinguished artists, truthfully captures the colorful and dynamic piano sound and the sonorous acoustics of the Gulliver Concert Hall in Shiga, Japan.

Check out Emiko’s Instagram Page @emikosatopiano to find out about the backstories/related topics of the CD production!



◊ Produced by Emiko Sato and Kohei Seguchi

◊ Cover Art: Sonja Kanno Zeitgeist, 2019

(Oil on wood, 6 panels);

180 cm x 30 cm (70. 8 in x 11. 8 in)

◊ Recording & Mastering Engineer: Kohei Seguchi

◊ Liner notes: Emiko Sato

◊ Manufactured by RAPT SOUND


■number of CD: 1  ■Total Playing Time: 46 min  ■3-panel-digipak   ■28P booklet (English/Japanese)


Album Contents:

Anatoly Lyadov                                

① Prelude in B minor Op. 11-1 ② Barcarolle Op. 44

Nikolai Medtner                           

③ Canzona in F sharp minor followed by Alla Coda  

(an earlier version of Canzona Serenata with that of Alla Reminiscenza)

Frédéric Chopin                                  

④ Mazurka in A minor Op. 17-4

⑤ Nocturne in F major Op. 15-1 

Manuel Ponce                             

⑥ Intermezzo in E minor No. 1

Sergei Rachmaninoff                      

⑦ Prelude in G sharp minor Op. 32-12

⑧ Prelude in B minor Op. 32-10   

Robert Schumann                             

⑨ Allegro Op. 8    

Robert Schumann/Franz Liszt         

⑩ Frühlingsnacht 

Anatoly Lyadov                                                         

⑪ The Music Box Op. 32