Romantic Series Vol. 2 ” A Romantic Moment”


  1. “Romantic phenomenon in the music—sound metamorphoses: the magical transformation of the keys and notes”
  2. “How does Romanticism survive and co-exist in the modern society? “


This time, Emiko selected the short pieces in which romantic characteristics are vividly displayed within a brief period of time; the selected pieces are mostly from the so-called Romantic period, between the 19th and the early 20th century; the works by Lyadov, Medtner, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Schumann, and Liszt. The impeccable beauty of the work itself, the program is designed to demonstrate the subtle and smooth chain of keys that shift one to the other, creating the magical effects, which can be specifically prominent in the romantic works. The program is to make use of these effects to connect the different pieces, eventually to connect the entire program.

Alongside with these composers’ works, She will premiere the intriguing “Birdhouses (2017),” that was composed for her by an American composer Bonnie McAlvin. This new work as well demonstrates the chain cycle in the modern language setting, using set theory.

By putting these seemingly contrasting works together which were written using different idioms (tonal theory [harmony] vs. set theory [interval]), Emiko will confirm that the spirit of Romanticism does not only exist in the works of the Romantic period, but also exists in the works of our time.

Bonnie McAlvin’s note on the Birdhouse (2017):

Each birdhouse represents a struggle between the life force and the desire to be civilized. The   harmony swirls around the mouth of the bird house, undergoing transformations which lead it only—and always—within a few voice leading motions from that which keeps it swirling.


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