Duo Köln: Intimate Chamber Music Concert, Spring 2018


ドイツのオーケストラで活躍する、梁星美とティノ・プレナーの木管アンサンブル『デュオ・ケルン』の来日公演。  モーツァルト、ブルッフ、メンデルスゾーンのトリオに加え、シューマンの「幻想小品集」をクラリネットとピアノとのデュオでお届けします。






@京都 NAMホール


チケット:一般 ¥3,500  学生¥2,500


℡ 090-6061-1761  /   passerelle83@gmail.com







Duo Köln and Emiko
Duo Köln and Emiko (2)


Duo Köln Chamber Music Concet : works by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bruch and Schumann

Seats available-Friday, March 30th 17:30~ (17:00 open) at Magnolia Hall in Osaka

Sold Out!- Sunday, April 1st 14:30~ (14:00 open) at NAM Hall in Kyoto


Duo Köln: Hoshimi Ryo Plener, bassoon & Tino Plener, clarinet

with Emiko Sato, piano

Ticket:¥3,500 (student:¥2,500)

Tickets paid at the door

*reservation required to secure your seat

For more info and/or making a reservation, please contact passerelle art music, 

(+81) 90-6061-1761 or passerelle83@gmail.com


Produced by Passerelle Art Music

Supported by Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany in Osaka

and Kyoto City Board of Education



“The sound combination of Bassoon and Clarinet can indeed bring out the dazzling sound effect, therefore known as the best match among all the woodwind instruments. While it is highly common that the duet of these two instruments plays a crucial role in many of the orchestral masterworks, there are not many chamber music works specifically written for the combination. Hoshimi Ryo and Tino Plener, who regularly play in the different orchestras in Germany, will give intimate chamber music concerts together with Emiko, exploring the repertoires that shall create the instruments’ best sound effect. The program also includes chamber works arranged for clarinet/piano and bassoon/piano.” ~Duo Köln