ROMANTIC MOMENT is ready! ロマンティック・モメントリリースにあたって。

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My first solo album ROMANTIC MOMENT will be released on Amazon JAPAN on November 7th!  


Meanwhile,  I want to share with you a bit of my backstory; why I decided to make this CD. I adore music, hugely because it is the art of the moment; I appreciate its beauty that disappears and that is never reproduced. The natural acoustics of the instruments or voice, to me, is the most beautiful ones compared to the recorded ones; I’ve therefore always preferred listening to the live performances to listening to the recordings.


Despite my general stance above, I came to undertake a complete CD production, because I had had some events that encouraged me.


One of them was this: one day I sent a recording of my daily practice to my close friends instead of writing them to say hello, which I casually recorded with the voice memo. Beyond my expectations, it turned out that they really appreciated it and told me that they were listening to it repeatedly on the way to their work, or sharing it with their family. I recognized that these my friends, who work outside the home while raising their kids, don’t have much time to go out to listen to live performances; and yet, because it was the recording, they could still enjoy music. This experience was one of the first reasons I started to think about making my piano solo album that is rich in sound.


The other thing was this: I learned that people from more than 60 countries had downloaded my dissertation which was published four years ago. Just thinking about these countries, most of which I’ve never visited, makes me very excited. This made me realize the actual possibilities of reaching out to people all over the world through music.


Still, I had to think twice before actually making a physical CD. I was aware that there are more people now listening to music via digital streaming, many of whom do not even own a CD player. Meanwhile, I came up with the idea of making a package itself a crucial part of the product.


I was so fortunate to meet Sonja Kanno, an artist from Germany who was able to resonate with the concept of our production. Now that she was going to create the original artwork for the CD, we decided to adopt the package, a digipak of 6 panels (back and front altogether), mainly made of papers. Sonja used these all 6 panels to design her artwork. 


To complete the product, I took up another big challenge –a booklet. I decided to write liner notes both in English and Japanese. This was much tougher than I expected. I chose music to be my primary language in the first place because it allows me to express the things/feelings which I am not able to do it with words, without filtering them. It was so difficult for me to write anything, because every time I wrote something, I started doubting everything. But then, why did I still do it?  Because I particularly wanted to reach out to those who are not so familiar with classical music. I thought that sometimes knowing about the background of the composers or compositions may help people enjoy music even more; this idea helped me push forward. In liner notes, I also mentioned a little bit about why the album is called “Romantic Moment,” and why I chose these composers and compositions. At the same time, this experience actually made me confirm that I really prefer playing the piano to writing!!


The whole process was new to me, and there was a series of challenges I had to face one after another. I would have never been able to get through these challenges if I were all by myself. Thanks to the fantastic team members who not only supported me all the way but also accomplished magnificent work which totally exceeded my expectations. And thanks to all my teachers who raised me up until now. Last but not least, thanks to my friends and family, who always cheered me up and believed in me. 










「ロマンティック・モメント」のパッケージは、紙主体のデジパックと呼ばれるものです。今回、画家のソーニャカンノさんが収録音源とアルバムのコンセプトを基に、アート作品を特別に制作してくださる事になりました。とてもありがたい機会なので、贅沢に3面パネル (観音開き)のパッケージを採用し、表裏全6面をカンバスに見立てて作品を作っていただきました。全6面で一作品というデザインです。(中身は実際にあけていただく時までのお楽しみです!)





Pre-order at Amazon Japan !





“Romantic Moment” is work in progress

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Had two days of the photo session for our ongoing “Romantic Moment” project. Had a day for outdoor shooting with Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, and also a day for indoor shooting. Cannot thank enough to the amazing photographers, Sonja Kanno and Floris van Eerden, who could capture the natural and spontaneous expressions of Emiko, which could have been a quite bit of a challenge for her!  It’s the atmosphere they were able to provide during the session. And of course, not forgetting to mention a fantastic makeup artist, Ruriko Okazaki, who did hair design and make up to prepare for the indoor shooting. She without doubt possesses magic hands!



Sonja Kanno will join us as an art director of the upcoming CD!

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Happy Spring!

It is beyond our excitement that we’ll welcome Sonja Kanno, a German artist resides in Tokyo, as a member of our CD production team! She will paint a new work for the CD cover; she will be creating her artwork while listening to our newly made recording. Sonja will also be producing the entire CD package design. This music and art collaboration is what I’ve been dreaming of ! So looking forward to seeing her work!! 

Will be updating our creative process, including studio scenes, photo shooting and liner notes production via my newly launched Instagram page! Please check it out!