Christmas Concerts!

Emiko is currently preparing for two upcoming Christmas Concerts!
The first one is her solo recital in Okayama, as a part of her outreach project. Emiko will be playing a number of Christmas Carols with a stylish arraignment for solo piano, in addition to some of her favorite Romantic Repertoire, including Lyadov’s “Barcarolle,” “The Music Box,” and Listz’s transcription of Schumann’s art song “Spring Night, ” which she also plans to include in her future solo recital, “Romantic Moment.”
In the second one, she will collaborate with Colleen Keating, a mezzo soprano who possesses a variety of affective tone of voice. The concert is titled “Holiday Showcase, ” and the program will include an aria from Christmas Oratorio by Bach, a number of Christmas Carols in different languages, as well as some of Colleen’s favorite French songs by Fauré, Gounod, and Piaf.
Happy Holidays everyone!